Monday, April 6, 2015

The Plan and where it began. The first thing I did when I decided to delve into my favorite hobby was to begin sorting the trunks, dressers and plastic totes of wool. I soon realized that I couldn't possibly use all of the wool I have, so sorted out what was unsuitable for hooking and smaller quantities for other projects. I came up with ideas for bowl fillers, mini pillows, pin keeps and many folk art motifs to create, using my huge stash of wool. I resumed making Snowman Christmas stockings like I made years ago for each of my children, nieces and nephews. I finally began to make a dent in my overwhelming supply of wool and even began using the vintage buttons I had collected over the years.
This creative process was really invigorating and felt liberating. The idea of having so much wool supply and not putting it to good use was weighing on me. I love to re-use, recycle, use up and wear out...what was I thinking that I could use so much wool! Well, it's been a challenge, and now I have a wonderful base of beautiful wool to choose from, for planning rug motifs and backgrounds. I know what needs to be enhanced through dyeing, and can begin using some new techniques I've been waiting to employ.
We are going to use part of our basement for a "dye kitchen" complete with double sink, stove, shelves for bottles of potions (dyes). I will have table space for planning a rug, open bins and shelves for folded flats of wool and pre-cut worms. I am stocking up on hooks, Bliss cutters, rug patterns, dyes and even have 4 0r 5 different types of frames on hand for ladies who are interested in learning rug hooking and want to hook regularly in a group.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Re-uniting with Rug Hooking and Friends

There have been a lot of hobbies that have come and gone, but I always knew that eventually I would have to pick that I have retired. it is time to decide. The winner is Rug Hooking! The advantages are endless, such as: it doesn't require electricity, it can be done on your lap (as the original rughookers did), it is quiet and only requires a few materials. The end product is something that is truly beautiful, durable and rare. I will be writing about my favorite hobby and the completion of my dye kitchen and studio, sharing tips and photos and how I will share my hobby with other interested people.